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Welcome to the NGSSC course in
Data mining and Applications in Science and Technology, 2+2p!

The course is organized by the Swedish National Graduate School in Scientific Computing (NGSSC) . The course is financed by the Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) . The course consists of an intense program, October 18-22 and December 8-10, 2004, followed by individual projects to be carried out by the students at their respective home departments.

Any questions can be put to Lars Eldén.

Lecturers in the course will be:

Lars Eldén  Professor  of Numerical Analysis, Department of Mathematics, LiU

Patrick Lambrix  Associate Professor of  Computer Science,  Department of Computer and Information Science,  LiU

Timo Koski  Professor  of  Mathematical Statistics, Department of Mathematics, LiU

Bengt Persson, Professor of Bioinformatics, LiU and Karolinska Institutet

Tommy Elfving, Associate professor of Numerical Analysis, LiU

The course is scheduled close to the course Optimization, also given by the Department of Mathematics at LiU. That course is scheduled weeks v42 and v51.

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Last updated: 2004-10-05